About Us

The idea of forming an association of people from Bihar was conceived during an informal chatting of four individuals Alakh Verma, Supriya Ritwik & Varun Sinha all from Bihar in early 1995.
On 9th August 1995 which also happened to be anniversary of Quit India Movement, a large number of all known Biharis in Kuwait were gathered for the purpose of starting an organization of our own. Broad objectives were discussed and it was agreed to give the organization a formal shape. A committee was formed to draft a constitution for the society and everyone was invited to suggest a name for it. Various names for the society were discussed and finally “Maurya Kala Parisar” was accepted by the gathering. Constitution was adopted and first Executive committee elected.
By now MKP has grown in size and With active physical & financial support from some members and infusion of new blood in the society, MKP is making an effort to maintain the glory of our Bihar & Jharkhand in Kuwait.

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