Subscribe To MKP Website Updates

Dear All
We have been using facebook and group mail to communicate with you.
A new channel of communication has been started for receiving updates on Maurya Kala Parisar website
We invite you to subscribe to the updates by registering on the following link. This will ensure you do not miss any communication and event announcement from Maurya Kala Parisar, Kuwait.


Please subscribe today and help improve our website and help increase Maurya Kala Parisar TRP. It is your organization. Help it grow.
Soon we will introduce a loyalty program where members  involvement with the association (responses to e mails and posts, attendance in events, referring new members) will earn points leading to attractive big prizes  at the end of the year. So get working: subscribe to website update, comment on posts, reply your suggestions to mails and best of all encourage new memberships.
Also look forward to a periodic news letter with association and members news along with human interest stories from our states.
For any clarification / suggestion on website subscription you can contact  Zafar Siddiqui<>

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