Why Maurya?

This is very legitimate and viable question when India is already represented through scores of associations and groups, why have another?

However, if we care to look into Indian culture and history, we found ours is a harmonious blend of cultures, religion and languages, what is often said as unity in diversity. In a painting if an artist uses all colors but in one, the picture although complete will look wanting. Similarly, compiling of a good background adds extra flavor to a song as for drug with another enhances its assimilation. We are living in a IT era and all vital function of the world, be it telecommunication, electronics, nuclear technology, space technology and many other depends upon computer. But have we ever cared to think, what will happen if one of component like ICs do not work? Yes we know computers will stop working jeopardizing the whole system. We the Mauryas, therefore are ICs of the present IT era, an important ingredient of a spicy mouth watering food, an important color of painter and above all represent a very rich historical and cultural heritage of India. Maurya dynasty as located in Patliputra, which is now Patna the capital of Bihar, was the seat of Learning, Politics, and science during ancient times. Nalanda University, Arya Bhatt the great mathematician, Buddha’s Nirvana and Lord Mahavira’s enlightenment, these are all precious gifts of land.
We have brought for you some of these virtues, which we intend to present and propagate. Therefore, do not look at us as another association but consider us as feather in your cap. We will strive to enrich India’s best traditions abroad and make it more meaningful in true sense.

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